How to Compare Stump Grinding Services

If you recently had your trees removed and now you’re having problems with the stump, don’t worry. The same tree service providers can remove those stumps for you, although it’s an entirely different service than tree removal. In essence, you’ll ask for quotes from them all over again.

You may hire the same company that removed your trees. But if you’re not happy with their services for whatever reason, you can always request for quotes from different service providers. Like other tree services, it pays to ask the company how they intend to go about the work and for how much. The questions you may ask them are the following:

1. How deep do you grind stumps and will the roots be removed?

If you intend to plant some grass in the spot where the tree used to be, then the stump has to be grinded at least six inches into the ground. Then the hole has to be filled with dirt and lime. After some time, the soil will be good enough for planting again.

2. What how big is the equipment that you’ll use?

A stump grinder will be hauled into your home to remove the stump. There are different kinds of stump grinders and if the one that the service provider uses is so big, then it may be possible that it won’t fit in your gate. For that, the gate has to be removed and that’s an inconvenience on your part.

3. Will you take away the wood chips?

After the service providers are done removing the stump, a large amount of wood and debris are left. What does the service providers intend to do with them? Will they haul them away? Hauling them isn’t usually a part of the service but they possibly would for an extra charge. If you don’t intend to plant grass, the wood chips can actually be used as mulch.

4. What will you do with the hole?

Stump removal will leave your lawn with an ugly hole. It is important to know what the service providers will do with that hole. Will they fill it up with wood chips, and then level it out? Some service providers will work to create a natural look where stump used to be? Be sure to ask them what they intend to do.

5. Will rake or blow wood chips and away?

Cleaning up is such a concern for all homeowners. You can very well expect that stump grinding will leave your yard with not a big hole but also a lot of wood chips that could reach your driveway and the sidewalk. Some service providers will rake and pile them neatly. Others will blow them away. Know what your service provider intends to do.

These are just some of the questions that you may want to ask the stump grinding company that you’d like to hire. Hire the company that answers all of these queries satisfactorily. They are the ones who definitely know what they’re doing.

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