Since there are many people who are camera shy. It would result to lesser great memories to them. It would miss their chance to put a smile in their face by the time that everything passes by. You don’t need to have a good camera or expensive smartphones just to have a great picture. It is more about encouraging yourself and your determination to cherish every memory and experience you have in your life. It would take some time before you finally get through the real meaning of life. You will appreciate more the beauty of nature and the greatness of the things around you when you start to take a picture and later some time you will scan and focus on yourself in thinking deeply about how great the pictures are that you have taken. With the modern technology and world that we have right now. It is very easy to get an access to the places that you have never been to. It is one great experience for you to see the real behind those stories. Taking a picture while taking a vacation or to a place that you have never been to before will give you the chance to reminisce it in the future. That point of you time that you will say to yourself that “I am very lucky to have this picture taken by me” and it is once in a lifetime opportunity as you don’t know if you can still come back to the same place again. But taking pictures is not limited to this only. You could have varieties of reasons on why you take pictures every time. In this part of the text, here are some of the positive views of some people and the website https://gonza.co/and their reasons on why they would need to take pictures as many as they can.  


  1. It gives back all the memories that you had before. You will eventually come to realize all the fun activities and memorable experiences that you have. It doesn’t mean that you only have think about the good things as well as those unpleasant stuff.  
  2. It gives good vibes to all the family members. It will give the chance to remember those good vacations and travels. Those photos can be displayed on your living room’s wall or to your bedroom’s wall. You can collect them in a photobook and keep it. In the future, you would be able to realize and be surprised how amazing to have this collection.  
  3. It will inspire you to be more positive and take the things into a brighter side. It creates more imaginative thinking about the environment and the surroundings that you can explore more and deeper than what you can see.  
  4. It reminds us to be more adventurous. It doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money just to have a good experience. It gives you the idea to perfectly take good pictures by yourself and enjoy the view at the same time.  
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